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Shimano XTR (RD-M971-GS)

Shimano XTR (RD-M971-GS)

Component specification:
Model Name:XTR (RD-M971-GS)
Model Year:2007
Information Source:


Top-Normal for Precision up shifting and emergency downshifting. Preferred by traditonal and gravity riders: Best matched with RAPIDFIRE Plus.
  • Top-Normal return spring
  • Super Wide Link for high rigidity
  • Capacity: 33T
Pulley Cage: GS
Speeds: 9
Spring Type: Top-Normal
Max Front Difference: 22T
Total Capacity: 33T
Max Rear Sprocket: 34T
Min. Rear Sprocket: 11T
Direct Attachment: Yes
Fluoric Coated Link Bushings: 4
Sealed Bearing Guide Pulley: Yes
Sealed Bearing Tension Pulley: Yes
Spring Type: Yes
11T Pulley: Yes
Pulley Bolt Retainer: Yes
Bracket Body Material/Finish: Aluminum/Anodized
Plate Body Material/Finish: Aluminum/Painted
Outer Link Material/Finish: Aluminum/Anodized
Inner Link Material/Finish: Aluminum/Anodized
Outer Plate Material/Finish: Aluminum/Anodized
Inner Plate Material/Finish: Aluminum/Anodized
Removable Rubber Bumper: Yes

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