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Shimano Dura-ace (HB-7800)

Shimano Dura-ace (HB-7800)

Component specification:
Model Name:Dura-ace (HB-7800)
Model Year:2004
Weight:188 g
Information Source:


Shimano hubs exclusively use a cup and cone bearing system in all of its hubs. Cup-and-cone bearings offer greater strength than sealed cartridge bearings due to their ability to displace lateral and vertical loads more effectively for super smooth rotation in real world riding conditions.
Cup-and-cone bearings also allow for easier maintenance, adjustability and serviceability.
  • Super lightweight & rigid alloy axle
  • Radial lacing compatible
  • Smooth rolling
  • Double Contact Sealing
  • Regular Hole: 24/28/32/36H
  • Aero Spoke Hole: 18/24/28/32/36H
  • Weight: 188g (59g QR)
Model No.: HB-7800
Over Locknut: 100mm
Axle Length: 108mm
Spoke Holes: 36/32/28/24
32/28/24/18 (aero)
Spoke hole Circle: 40mm
Sealing: labyrinth and contact seals
Stainless Steel Balls: Yes
Hub Shell: cold forged aluminum/anodized
Center to Flange: Right & Left:37mm
Average Weight (QR Weight): 129g (59g)

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