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Shimano Tiagra (FH-4400)

Shimano Tiagra (FH-4400)

Component specification:
Model Name:Tiagra (FH-4400)
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  • Labyrinth and Contact Sealing for greater durability
  • Light Alloy Quick-Release
  • 9-Speed Freehub
  • Spoke Holes: 36/32H
Model No.: FH-4400
No. of Sprockets: 9-speed & 8-speed
Over Locknut: 130mm
Axle Length: 141mm
Spoke Holes: 36/32
Spoke hole Circle: 45mm
Sealing: labyrinth and contact seals
Freehub Body: steel
Hub Shell: aluminum/anodized
Center to Flange: Right: 21.3mm, Left: 38.7mm
Average Weight (QR Weight): 362g (63g)

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